The creative arts have enveloped my life from early childhood to the present.  As a boy, I played with clay creating figures and abstract designs.  I painted with watercolors, dabbled with oils and pastels, and even drew in the air with my fingers, painting in the clouds.  In college life and sculpture classes created the impetus for my future sculptural endeavors.  I became enamored with the beauty of the human form, intrigued with the perfection of our bodies, both of men and women.


Having spent forty seven years in my chosen profession, at the age of seventy one, I decided to hang up my shingle and morph into a new career.  My wife and I built a home near the New Jersey Shore and settled into a life filled with not enough time for anything, but constantly busy!  Within this new environment, I quickly rediscovered my passion for my art.  Sculpting instills in me, the artistic magic that is the driving force for my work.


The characteristic grace of ballet, with its fluidity of line and motion, along with the physical appearance, athleticism, and speed of high level sports, are the venues for my creativity.  Self-motivation is derived from a subjective image dancing within my mind’s eye.  The key element I strive to present in each of my works, is a sense of visual motion.


Shows & Exhibitions:    Madison Square Garden, Fine Art Show, 2004

  The Friends of Ramapo College Art Show, 2006

  Monmouth Festival of the Arts, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011


Education:                       City College of New York, Bachelor of Science, 1965

                                          City College of New York, Bachelor of Architecture, 1966


Professional Credentials: Licensed Architect; NJ, NY, PA, & CT.

                                           Professional Planner; NJ